Thursday, August 24, 2017

Scripture, the Genesis of Moonowlith

It can now be read/bought at my exposition. It has been on display since the 13th and will be until the 27th.

Yes, the artist speaks was a questionable success. There weren't many who had questions which limited my time to almost 2 minutes.

Yet I did work on a new print for the scripture I graduated with. It will be limited to 13 plus 1 read/exposition/artist version. And it describes in my own handwriting, which can be hard to decipher, how I came to my theme of Moonowliths. It is the actual description of the genesis of the moonowlithic visions.

During the exposition you are free to browse through it and can also order/ask for a print of your own.

Yes I am quite late, 11 days to be exact to post this. I am sorry for this. Meanwhile I've been trying Krita, my bamboo tablet as well as my new pencils. I will show some off soon enough. :)


  1. Awesome stuff, I'll be sure to follow your art!

    -The Morrowind guy-

    1. Thank you, likewise I will follow yours. :)
      Actually, this made me think of something you made..

      Hmm, also a new post is due, lets post some digital..