Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prexpo: Expositie Los Losser Lost,

These days before the exposition were pretty busy.
Yet I managed to frame and pack all nicely in these bags and bring them to The Hague.

Quite a walk from The Hague Central Station with 26 paintings, especially the framed ones.
But it was a nice walk.

When I arrived I unpacked them, sadly I couldn't hang them in my own composition on the walls, but I had faith they would do it well.

But yes, what do you see there..


Nope, while trying to find frames to fit, I found these two frames, tried them out on the two electromancers on vellum and well. It fit, does mean I have to either make two more or try out my plan on different ones.

Of course I have thought long and hard on whether to give them colour or not. But felt they did not quite needed the extra layer anyway. And to be able to show them off at the exposition was a chance I just couldn't let slip. So there they are, with the rest.

And good news! All my paintings are put on display, all 26 of them, or 35 if you count every individual painting (some I have worked into a composition within the frame). So I cannot wait to see the exposition for themselves. All I know is that we, (or at least I) have to wait till the unveiling the 5th of August.

Again the invitation: 

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