Friday, August 11, 2017

Where do I go? D:

Been quite busy with the exposition, getting some old machine to work to display a movie a collegue who also has work in the exposition has made for us.
Thing is now running Linux, it just needs an old usb I probably have laying around somewhere here.
If the person who would supply the usb isn't quicker.

Today I delivered the machine, sadly nothing to display yet since no usb=no movie.
Yes, it doesn't even have a harddisk, so don't bother stealing a machine that probably won't even be able to play youtube. 😋

Either way! I did notice our galery is not as easy to spot, thus I made some pictures, that if you plan on going, you know where to go.

 Also, if you are going, please do tell so I can be there for you.

And yes, I did sketch a lot,
also installed my old Bamboo tablet.

Trying out Krita but haven't gotten further then some unclear lines and circles..

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