Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Finally, a new post.

I've been quiet lately, I know this.
Expositions do drain energy but also time.
So some other things needed attention.

Also I have been experimenting with digital.
A lot of nude/experimental sketching done, not connected to the Moonowlith.
Yet after a while an alien portrait appeared. Guess I am not done with that part of my world..

I've been pondering on the question, or well options;

To make a new blog(s) containing the random workings, exercises, modelsketch/paintings, nsfw, atlantean, lunatics etc. Or to use this blog for that content as well..

I'll ponder a bit more, but feel free to share your thoughts.
You may always respond on my blog, which I will get a notice of in my main mail account.
You can also respond on my facebook yet, that one is linked to my spam account. I mean, facebook equals spam most of the time. But I will regularly check it anyway.

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