Monday, November 27, 2017

The birth of a new blog!

The Moonowlithic Visions blogspot has been all about moonfolk, and even though this is what I do a lot, I also have other themes, other visions, fantasies and work to share and post.

But to post it here would make Moonowlithic Visions less Moonowlithic and more random visions. Which would be sad, it is fun to see how the Moonowlithic theme evolves on its own blog. To have nude studies, different themes, sketches etc would distract from that.

Thus I have created a new blog, no fear, Moonowlithic Visions will be continued to be updated. And the more I do other themes and things, the more I come back to this theme.

Sometimes there will be a cross-post, like this:

Which I will post on both, however I am even thinking of posting Moonowlith only work on both as well. Keeping this exclusively Moonowlith while making the other blog all encompassing.

Feel free to visit my blog and enjoy the complete world of visions, ideas and work;

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