Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Triptychs and Trygometric Cycles


Triptych of an moonowl capture and fusion into a moonowlith.

The Moonowlithic Triptych and Trygometric Cycle of a Moonowlith,
two sets of sketches of work I made yesterday and finished scanning today.
Most of the day was spend scanning, at first the Jesus painting and sketches/paint sketches done for a client I now posted on facebook as well as these sketches.

I also ordered some Vellum. I've seen this artist "Happy D" use it with oil paint and was pleasantly surprised that it was a possibility. Thus I searched and ordered it. Will probably try both oils and acrylics on it and see how that works out.

One of the handicaps a traditional artist always has is that the first sketch underneath and layers underneath will be lost under the painting.
These days they are doing their best to use x-ray and other ways of scanning to look through layers of paint of Rembrandt and other famous artists to see what lies underneath.

With Vellum I might be able to make multiple paintings off of a sketch.

I hope it will arrive tomorrow and I will be able to test it.

A Trygometric Cyclical painting of the Case for the Wellbeing of the Moonowlith.

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