Thursday, June 1, 2017


Yesterday was a quite unproductive day, though I did sketch some and did chat about art, showed someone the great art of Moebius and H.R. Giger while he showed me the great Yoshitaka Amano. 
Yoshitaka made me think of Alfonso Mucha and Olivier Ledroit. 

Then girlfriend went for the big clean up and I retreated to my very L shaped Ateliƫ. In which I sorted my cardboard boxes, prepared a few for sketching/painting and found many more already prepared.
I think when I feel like I procrastinate by applying gesso to the inside of pizza boxes by default..
At least it is useful.

Either way, I came into contact with a lot of old stuff especially pc parts. 

Now, this morning I stared at my cup of coffee, and especially what my coffee was placed on. 
After staring for an hour at portraits of fashionable people in the renaissance and Dutch golden age.

Then came the idea of why won't some have a collar like that? 
And thus came sketching.

Thus a new character in my theme has born.
The end result drawn on prepared cardboard is a little more stiff and straight so I might make another one just now and create a lill more flow in it. 

Wham, there it is:
And I forgot the forehead thingy. No worries, easy to add in lineart stage..

As always I'll keep you up to date, and yes I will be painting those small sketches sometime today/tomorrow as well.

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