Saturday, June 3, 2017

Finished and staying grayscale

There we go, four 'finished' pieces. As I like to call them. There is always loads more time to spend on a piece but for now I will keep these at this level of progress. I really feel the limit of working as small as they are. They are painted on the back of a fourth of a small pizza box. Thus getting detail in is beginning to get very tricky as well as the only contrast you have is value since there isn't any colour in it. It is all a gradient between black and white. I have seen tiny brushes in which I could up the detail and realism in these pieces still but for now I rather spend time producing more concepts.

Also the full progress can be posted but for now I see no value to it unless someone would like me to post it.

So do feel free to comment and if you like it thus far, you may always, but do not have to, follow me pressing the follow button. :)

As for now, I am going to lay down the groundworks for a triangular work.
Perhaps I will post more today, but at least tomorrow I will post more work. Until then.

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