Saturday, June 24, 2017

This must be the 13th blogpost right? A glimpse inside my sketchbook.

It has been a slow last few days sadly.
A lot more was planned.

On a more positive, I found an A3 printer/scanner.
This is a great asset, allows me to scan bigger paintings,
print on a larger format but most importantly.

It allows me to scan my sketchbooks two pages at a time.
Which halves the time it takes to scan a filled out sketchbook,
and scanning a sketchbook takes an awful lot of time.

But sketches being so valuable to me, you cannot put all eggs in one basket.

This is actually where the magic happens,
so I'll give you a glimpse inside one.

Quite recent, you probably recognise some paintings and you will probably notice in the future that some more are based on these two pages.

So enjoy.

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