Sunday, July 23, 2017

To apply a line on prepared MDF

It has been a while, been to Spain for 8 days.
Thus progress has been slow, or so it seemed..

Yet I have been tinkering around with a website,
this free webservice called wix.
This is my website, it will be updated but feel free to comment on it here,
give me constructive criticism or tips on how to make it better. :)
Or what you do like. Go play around with it!

Also when I arrived home I have been sketching and creating lineart for the next few works.
And designing a method to get my primary sketch onto the MDF panel. Without losing the good lines yet also keeping freedom to create more powerful lines as well as freedom to paint without too much constraints.
Basically to create guidelines.

Yes on the first I forgot the arm. On the last one I forgot a line for the bewb. But I did correct this afterwards. :)

Whoops the final version of the horizontal prepped one had more missing. Here the correct version:

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