Saturday, July 1, 2017

On the verge of success and failure

And yes that title is just how I feel right now.

The small painting worked out well, the small brushes worked wonders on the tiny details.
Also I forgot to scan the paintline progress, though, might have scanned it somewhere, no idea..
Anyway that worked out well but..

The parchment or vellum was a whole different story.
Vellum doesn't mind oils, but it apparently hates acrylics, probably due to the water.
And with hate I mean that it will curl up, not even complaining about the irregular surface acrylic will create. Which was surprising, a learning experience yet also frustrating.

Got to the darks tho, now it is under the scanner for two reasons.
First it is to get the vellum flat again, and second of course also to scan for your viewing pleasure.

So that will take some time considering if Vellum will serve my needs.

At least for oilpainting it appeared alright..

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