Thursday, July 6, 2017

300 views, yay, also, still working

Last days I've been struggling with getting that second vellum painting flat.
Which made it just more wrinkly, I'm suspecting that acrylics and vellum just aren't made for each other..

On the other hand, started a oil painting on vellum and that worked out well.
Though it still somewhat warps.. I have great plans for vellum, but I first need to get it to not warp or find another way to work with it..

Either way, last few days I've been busy preparing MDF boards for painting the triangular paintings I've sketched out before. The Trygometric Cycle aka the Creation of a Moonowlith seen from an Levitating Observatory Ship, Triangular. LOST?
Might do some grayscale painting of it later..

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