Monday, May 29, 2017

Last week, progresses


These are some first progress sketches, as you see I worked on cardboard. 
I usually use flat cardboard(without the corrugated layers in between),
for these first ones and the one of the first blog-post I used corrugated as you can see, the lines do create an odd kind of horizontal line-texture. 
I have worked a lot on a lot of different kinds of cardboard,  
though I have decided a long time before that corrugated cardboard just isn't strong/flat enough for me. So this is kind of an exception. 
Also for final pieces I often use mdf-board or canvas. Especially with oil paint.

The cardboard I use is recycled, it is actually packaging. 
For this for example I used a cat-food box.

For the sketches themselves, you see two of the most important beings of the theme. The moon folk and the bird like moonowls. The moonowl is placed ontop of a glass tower-like structure.

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