Monday, May 29, 2017

Birth of a blog

Welcome to my art-blog. 

These are sketches and drawings of visions from a lunar world. Also I will include pictures of the progress. Updating could be slow, I am rather new at 'blogging'. 

Yet do not hold back asking me for new or older work. I will deliver, and hopefully, the more you ask, the faster you'll get some work.

This specific 'theme' of my work is about visions of a lunar world on which beings favour rational thought more then emotion. The beings capture and use the power of lunar 'deities', so advanced is their technology that they can capture and leech energy of gods. 
The tall glass towers are what imprisons them and drain them from energy. Surrounding these terrible screeching towers is a glass dome that shelters the moon folk's buildings from the harsh surroundings.

I will slowly inform you more on this world with other posts. 

As for an about me, last year I graduated art school with this theme. This summer there will be an art exposition in the Hague I will be participating in. I studied and graduated at the Art Academy of Haarlem Leiden: KHL. As well as studied and graduated at the Unit Academy in Nijmegen before.

Yet before that I have always drawn and this has only increased, as such, I rather be without phone then without paper.

For now, I go paint/draw more. Feel free to comment.

As for my work I graduated with: Portfolio - Moonowliths 2016

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