Sunday, March 24, 2019

Construct study and skeletal meditation

It has been silent for quite some while,
working on quite some things.
And also another exposition coming up,
preparation for that.

Then I remember, I haven't actually scanned/posted the final stages of these.

So here they are, they were too wet to be scanned before, but quite dry right now.

 This being studies and demonstrates a model of their domed homes and how there is more then appears on the surface. The sphere is a very strong form, and for an alien mind, the cube might be more economical in space yet it severely lacks in strength. And why favour space, when you cannot secure the space from the powerful influences of space?

The skeletal structure of moon folk, positioned in a meditative posture, is it just for stability or does it have a higher purpose?

Both have been exposed at Nationale Kunstdagen and will be displayed at the Art Eindhoven.
This is the link for the early birds to get their tickets free and come visit me and more then a hundred other artists:

I am going to expose my art at stand number 91, here's the layout of the exposition:
This week I'll make an official invitation, pretty picture and such. Until then, enjoy and feel free to respond. :D

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